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Female, 35 years old

Exeter, SA, AU, Australia

Lets meet up and talk, we might just fall in love or you might just not resist me lets do it now secretly... view profile

Location: Exeter, South Australia, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 45 years old

Broken Head, NSW, AU, Australia

Fit toned Aussie male 35 . Tattoos very open minded will give anything a go once . You only live once... view profile

Location: Broken Head, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 48 years old

Frankston, VIC, AU, Australia

Treat me good and ill b yr dream girl. I like guys who value loyalty honesty outdoors especially beach, living out their dreams and are into being in charge. I want to meet guys who enjoy the fun of getting to hang out without anything serious developing unless thats wassup.... view profile

Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Female, 27 years old

Penshurst, NSW, AU, Australia

Hey there looking for someone friendly and fun males only loves to cook anyone that's friendly and not boring loves to hangout like myself... view profile

Location: Penshurst, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 68 years old

Forest Lake, QLD, AU, Australia

Slim and able and if you live near forest lake even better See you soon. Call me. I shall sleep when I can... view profile

Location: Forest Lake, Queensland, Australia

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Female, 32 years old

Wollongong, NSW, AU, Australia

I'm adventurous and love the outdoors. I'm not normal whatever that is and I prefer to be outside the box. I like so many different things and enjoy the company of all types of people. I'm always growing as a person and looking for someone that I can talk to who is sincere, loving, and fun. I have …... view profile

Location: Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Dating Personals – What You Need to Know

If you’ve never tried online dating, the whole process can seem pretty daunting. The key to getting comfortable with this exciting and fun dating service is knowing how it works and what your options are. In order to relieve all your fears and uncertainties, below is everything you need to know to get you started.

1. Options

There are literally hundreds of online dating sites on the Internet. Spend some time educating yourself on your options instead of settling on the first one you find. It can be helpful to think about the type of relationship you are seeking as many sites cater to a specific site. For example, some sites are targeted specifically towards people that want to get married again. If this isn’t you, keep searching for the dating service that will connect you with your perfect mate. The important thing is to consider ahead of time what you want so that you can find the perfect site.

2. Budget

Knowing how much you’d like to spend each month will also help you determine which site you choose. There are just as many free sites on the Net as there are fee-based sites. Explore all of your options and if you choose a fee-based site, make sure you factor in a couple months of fees – you won’t necessarily find who you are looking for right away.

3. Risk Factor

Be aware that there are certain risks associated with online dating personals. Keep your personal information as private as possible and don’t give away too many details in your profile. Look for a site that only allows members to view your profile and one that offers to keep your information secure. Be mindful that the Internet is filled with scam artists, so take precautions to protect yourself by choosing a safe site.

4. Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing is great for people who don’t enjoy searching through other people’s profiles to find a good match. Sites that use this service do the matching for you by having you complete some personality tests and then match you with compatible people. Keep in mind that you’ll have a lot less people to sort through but you still might not find the right person.

5. Referrals and Testimonials

Chances are that some of your friends have already tried out online dating and can give you some recommendations. Learning from other people’s experiences can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

6. Educate Yourself

When you first start using your chosen dating personals site, take some time to familiarise yourself with all the bells and whistles. Features like chat rooms and instant messaging can be a lot of fun once you learn how to use them.

7. Take Your Time

If you’re really anxious to meet someone, it can be really tempting to rush to the face-to-face meeting as soon as you sense a connection. Consider taking it slow. Online dating offers you the chance to really get to know someone through email and phone conversations without all the nervousness associated with the first date. If it’s a good connection, the first date will come eventually. Chances are it will feel much more natural and relaxed if you take lots of time to get acquainted before your first physical encounter.

8. Have Fun

Online dating can be absolutely exhilarating. Don’t take it so seriously that you forget to have fun!

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