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Male, 60 years old

Brisbane, QLD, AU, Australia

About Me

No longer looking. I've cancelled my subscription to this site, and removed my photo.

It seems to be more of a chat-based social club for young singles than anything else. I have no interest in the inane drivel that fills the chat-rooms, so it turns out to have been a total waste of time. I knew chat was available, but I didn't realise it was required - if I had known that I would not have joined.

I have not had even one response to any of the 50 or 60 messages I've sent to women whose profiles indicate compatibility. And when I was checking the chat rooms regularly, I never saw anyone with a compatible profile.

When I politely asked (in my now-deleted blog) if someone in my situation (old, married, not interested in chat) was perhaps unsuitable for this site, I was a bit shocked and angry at the hostile tone in some of the replies - particularly from a couple of people who seem to be involved in the running of the site. Apparently such questions are not well tolerated on this site. It seems the standard refrain of 'Be yourself' is disingenuous - I think what they really mean is 'Be like us, or get lost'. Ok, message received, I'm getting lost. Not exactly the friendly atmosphere people like to say is found here, though, is it? (One of the replies did, however, indicate that married members are not likely to get a lot of interest - which was one of the points I raised in my initial blog question.)

Anyway, I'm outta here. Life's too short.

My Kind of Partner

I've given up looking for anyone on this site, so it really doesn't matter what I write in this section.

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