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Female, 30 years old

Clifton Beach, QLD, AU, Australia

Fairly new to town and feeling lonely. Not wanting anything serious just the odd bit of fun when I feel like it really!... view profile

Location: Clifton Beach, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 40 years old

Capalaba, QLD, AU, Australia

hey how ya doin im an easy goin guy who likes too have fun and do pretty much whatever if you like to have fun drop me a line... view profile

Location: Capalaba, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 36 years old

Curl Curl, NSW, AU, Australia

i'm a petite, fit chick who loves the surf, running, fitness and general well-being. in contrast, i love to party, festys, music, clubs, beers, the whole lot. i like to think i'm a funny, smart girl who likes to live large and have a good time. YOLO!... view profile

Location: Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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baby doll

Female, 34 years old

Pooraka, SA, AU, Australia

I'm emily. I need a tall, loving man who is willing to be my daddy and control me and love me dearly while I please his every need and urge. I work so most occasion it'd have to be at night time when we meet. inbox me.... view profile

Location: Pooraka, South Australia, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 44 years old

Happy Valley, SA, AU, Australia

Stocky/fit work in metal fabrication, got a few tattoos but need more, into bikes and cars. Love a good drink sesh... view profile

Location: Happy Valley, South Australia, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 42 years old

Charnwood, ACT, AU, Australia

Please feel free to ask anything you like :-) I'm open to anything. . I am welcoming and I am aiming to make new friends... view profile

Location: Charnwood, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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4 Online Dating Tips for Meeting Single Guys

If you face this Friday night sitting at home, munching on Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream, watching The Bachelor once again, it is time to break out of your shell and become a man magnet! Many women do not realise their potential for attracting handsome, successful single men. A woman possesses the power to become a man magnet by taking advantage of a few simple steps. If you are tired of spending your Friday and Saturday nights at home by yourself, then read on!.

Online Dating in the 21st Century

People often wonder how to become a part of the online singles dating scene. Many single women used to canvas the grocery store, fitness clubs, and other odd places to find eligible single guys. Thankfully, the Internet has revolutionised many of our activities, and dating is no exception.

Online dating is an easy and successful way to either get your feet wet or dive right into the dating scene. There are plenty of dating websites where a single woman can attract dozens of single guys, but how will you capture his attention once you meet in person?

How a Woman Can Attract a Man from Afar

1) Enjoy yourself. A woman that seems to be enjoying herself will portray an image of confidence and an easy-going personality. When a woman seems more natural, enjoying herself from afar, then this can be a huge turn on for a man. Keep in mind that one of the biggest turn-offs is a Negative Nelly, so remember to keep negative thoughts or feelings at home

2) Try to look your best. It is more comfortable to just run out of the house in old sweats, with your hair bunched up and no make-up. This look may be more comfortable, but it can be a huge turn-off for a single guy. Men are attracted to women who look their best, so when you are leaving the house, put on lipstick and stylish clothing.

3) Use body language. Body language can draw a man to you. If a woman sees a man that she is interested in, then she should engage in certain body signals: smiling often, tilting her head seductively, dropping her eyes down, looking into his eyes, and giving him a look-back. The right body language makes a woman seem approachable.

4) Strategically position yourself. A woman needs to know how to position herself in order to grab a man's attention. When at a party, a woman should stand in the centre of the room. A woman that is in the centre of a room will be more approachable than a woman that is sitting down. When at a nightclub or pub, a woman should sit in a corner position. A corner position usually attracts a man's attention. A woman that is sitting in a booth or at a table will seem unapproachable to single guys.

Men want to know that a woman is approachable, confident, and fun-loving. By following these four suggestions, a woman will become the centre of attention, in a positive way.

Forget about The Bachelor - this Friday night you are going to be a man magnet!

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