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Female, 33 years old

Robina, QLD, AU, Australia

Hey :) I like to try anything at least once. I love to give as much as I get! This site wont let me message anyone first so if your up for a chat !... view profile

Location: Robina, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 38 years old

Launceston, TAS, AU, Australia

Well thats for u to find out , love listening to music and watchin tv shows , love sailing , party animal , meet me to know more :-D And I love using stupid pick up lines . Lol :-p I might not be Fred Flinstone, but I sure will make ur BED ROCK baby . ;-D... view profile

Location: Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 48 years old

Ashmore City, QLD, AU, Australia

go with the flow type chick,like most things,I like yoga,being touched & hugs kissing is good,I'm well balanced,laughing is great.... view profile

Location: Ashmore City, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Female, 42 years old

Townsville, QLD, AU, Australia

Im a happy, healthy, quiet, stay at home kinda girl with a wicked sense of humor, but there is much more to me than i can fit in this box so ill just put the good stuff.. You can find out the rest :)... view profile

Location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Male, 34 years old

Tarragindi, QLD, AU, Australia

im a aussie bloke, who lives in brissy, im on here to find a girl to have some fun with, if its more than that, then thats awsome. i like to have fun on the weekends, i work and also go to uni.... view profile

Location: Tarragindi, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 45 years old

Narre Warren, VIC, AU, Australia

Open minded, humorous, curvy woman interested in new experiences. What ever else you may be curious about, just ask me... view profile

Location: Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Five Tips to Increase Response to Your Singles App Profile

If you were using a singles dating app, would you click on this profile?

"Hi, my name is Terry and this is your lucky day. I’m 36, well built and hotter in bed than anyone you’ve ever been with. I only want to be with people as hot as I am, so if you’re not really hot, don’t bother contacting me."

Am I the only one who would skip over that profile faster than a flat rock on a still lake? I don’t think so. I think most people wouldn’t bother to even slow down in their search. With dating online, the quality of your profile is directly related to the number and quality of your responses. The five tips listed here will help you create a profile that people will respond to.

Camera Shy? Get Over It!

If you want a successful profile, you have to include a picture. Period. Profiles that have a picture get tons more responses than those without. The best responses are to profiles with several pictures, especially those with provocative, enticing shots. It isn’t hard to upload a picture and most sites offer instructions if you don’t know how. So there’s really no good reason why you can’t post a picture alongside your profile. And not having one will have a negative impact on your whole dating site experience.

Caught You Looking!

You’ll find the most successful profiles have a catchy headline, something to grab attention and make people look. Put your thinking cap on and come up with something that will cause people to want to read more. Don’t make your title boring, spend some time creating a short, snappy headline. The more people that actually stop long enough to read your profile, the better your chances of getting a response.

Lying Can Be Hazardous to Your Online Dating Health

There’s not a quicker way to strangle your singles dating app experience to death than to be dishonest on your profile. You may get away with it a time or two, but once word gets out, and trust me, it will; you may as well cancel your membership. Be truthful about what you’re hoping to find, and what the other person will find in you. Give more description than just your age and the colour of your hair. Be clear about dating preferences and try to word it in such a way that it attracts people without being offensive. Keep in mind it’s possible to be suggestive without being vulgar. Tease your reader, arouse their curiosity, but above all, be honest.

“Sure, here’s my phone number and address.”

Use common sense with private information. The best singles apps will have in place numerous techniques to protect the privacy of their members, but the bottom line is the ultimate protection will come from you. You don’t want to post personal contact information in the chat rooms, of course. But don’t feel that you have to provide it to anyone who asks. Be smart, and choose carefully when, how and who you share your information with.

Don’t Forget to Have a Good Time

Be sure you let your positive attitude towards online dating shine through in your profile as well as your general conversations. It can be a fun, entertaining experience if it’s handled the right way. Your profile is the online representation of who you are. You don’t have to describe yourself only in adjectives. Use your writing to show off your great sense of humour. If you’re sexy, let your words convey it, don’t just say “I’m sexy.” That doesn’t really tell anyone anything. Describe a favourite sexy experience you’ve had, or a sexy fantasy you’d like to fulfil. Take time creating your profile and put thought into it. The time you spend will pay off for you in a big way. When you’re happy with the result, take a moment and read it out loud. Does it sound interesting? Is this a person you’d like to meet? If you can say yes to both those questions, post that profile and get ready for the fun to begin!

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