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Female, 25 years old

Rowville, VIC, AU, Australia

Just a young girl looking to have some fun and explore! Always up to try something new, I'll try almost anything once!... view profile

Location: Rowville, Victoria, Australia

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Male, 32 years old

Sydney, NSW, AU, Australia

I'm a laid back guy living in Sydney ,who enjoy and is passionate about the gym, dance, cars, sports, travel, good music, outdoor activities and experiencing new things.... view profile

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 25 years old

Kallangur, QLD, AU, Australia

Hey :) Cristina here xx looking for some fun are you interested xx i love hearing about what you are going to do to me imagine my legs wrapped around your waist and your hands on my hips are you interested? Xx Swing me a message... view profile

Location: Kallangur, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Female, 33 years old

South Brisbane BC, QLD, AU, Australia

Like to open this life and try something new. At the same time I am well-balanced, interesting and always in a good mood. I am romantic, affectionate and tender, like kissing touching and other pleasant things!))) And I always get what I want. For example, I came here to find my man and I do not wa…... view profile

Location: South Brisbane BC, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 28 years old

Tinana, QLD, AU, Australia

Just a guy, looking for cathartic satisfaction through making others feel good. 21, Student, 6'5", passionate about good books, good music, good food and good company. Clean (Tested December 2016) I'll make an effort to check the chat rooms for friends at Midday, 7pm, AND Midnight :)... view profile

Location: Tinana, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 34 years old

Perth, WA, AU, Australia

I'm a very cheerful and charming lady. I have a good sense of humor and I love to make people smile.... view profile

Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

FlameFinder Online Dating Website

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Dating Website Profiles – 5 Tips to Make Yours Stand Out

There’s no question your dating website profile can either make or break your entire online dating experience. The reason for this is because the number of responses you get is heavily dependent on the quality of your profile. The better your profile, the more responses you can expect. I’ve listed 5 simple tips that will help you create an attention getting profile to maximise your responses as much as possible.

First You Gotta Hook ‘em

Probably the most important part of your online dating profile is the title and it’s entirely possible you may find you spend more time creating your title than on the rest of the profile. It will be time well spent. Think of the title as your headline. In order to get someone to read your profile, you first must catch their attention with your headline. Your headline must be interesting enough to get them to read it and intriguing enough to compel them to read your profile to find out more. Put some thought into your headline, don’t settle for something boring like “Hi, my name is...”. It can be a challenge to craft a great headline, but it can make the difference between lots of winks and none at all.

Then You Gotta Show ‘em

The added value of including a picture to your profile can’t be overemphasised. It’s been proven that profiles without photos are seldom read and rarely responded to. Obviously the more pictures you can provide, the better, as long as they're current pictures that accurately depict what you look like now. Nobody wants to see a 10-year-old vacation shot. A recent close up is always a plus. Show off a great smile or beautiful hair or the colour of your eyes. Candid shots can sometime reveal aspects of your personality. On adult dating sites it’s perfectly acceptable to reveal aspects of other things as well.

Next You Gotta Tell ‘em

Once you get their attention and they’ve seen your picture, hopefully they’ll want to know more about you. People come to an online dating website to meet other people, and the more they feel like they ‘know’ you, the more likely they are to respond to your profile. Try to let your personality shine through in your words. Your profile should paint a mental image of your personality, just like your photo painted a visual one. If you’ve got a great sense of humour, it should show in the words you write. Rather than just say you’re a hopeless romantic, tell the most romantic thing you’ve ever done, or your idea of the perfect romantic evening.

Just Be Careful Not to Tell ‘em Too Much, Too Soon

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a young singles dating website or or one that caters to more adult themes, you must use caution when it comes to giving out personal contact information to people you don’t know. There should be some amount of correspondence between you before you exchange phone numbers. Then there should be several phone calls before you agree to meet someone in real life.

Even then, it’s not wise to give them your address…not yet. The first few meetings should be in public places and it’s best for you to drive your own car. Spend time getting to know a person before you invite them to your home.

Never, Ever, Under Any Circumstances, Tell a Lie

Nobody wants to be deceived and this is particularly true when it comes to an online dating website. Be honest in every area of your profile. Regardless of what type of relationship you’re hoping to build, it won’t survive if it’s based on lies. You want people to respond to you because they want to get to know *you* better, not some made up version of you.

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