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Male, 25 years old

Tinana, QLD, AU, Australia

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About Me

Just a guy, looking for cathartic satisfaction through making others feel good.

21, Student, 6'5", passionate about good books, good music, good food and good company.

Clean (Tested December 2016)

I'll make an effort to check the chat rooms for friends at Midday, 7pm, AND Midnight :)

My Kind of Partner

I'd like to meet people who are open to and share ideas around casual relationships (and the many shapes they take)

I want to explore being single for a while :) but i'm definitely looking for some kind of connection.

Favourite Books

John Green, Agatha Christie, Melina Marchetta, Patrick Ness, JK Rowling,

Favourite Sports

I'm a Martial Artist, it keeps me fit and limber, which is especially good being tall :)

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