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Male, 33 years old

Balwyn North, VIC, AU, Australia

About Me


Well, I'll try and make this short.
I'm Mike, 21, I live in North Balwyn which is down the road from Doncaster Shoppingtown.
I'm currently studying a diploma of Computer Systems at my local TAFE - hence I am a computer person, building, upgrading etc etc
What else?
I have a casual part-time job at the local video store, so I end up watching quite a few movies, though I am looking for a better job whilst I finish my diploma.
I feel that I am a caring, kind person. I tend to wear my heart on my sleave...a bit :P and I guess I'm a romantic at heart.
There's heaps more, but I'll leave that for later! :)
Oh...and I'm a dog person, I have a wonderful Maltese terrier called Minosh that keeps me company!
Some other things about me:
I'm currently learning to drive; hopefully will be getting my Ps by July.
I love reading, novels, magazines, the newspaper. I follow politics...somewhat and have strong opinions concerning our current government.
I am a Sci-Fi person; I watch almost every science fiction show available...Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, Babylon 5, Doctor Who etc. Yes, I know this makes me a nerd

My Kind of Partner

Well, the kind of person I'm looking for would be:
- Caring
- Romantic
- Respectful/considerate
- Must love dogs! (as the saying goes)
- Someone who likes me for me and appreciates my interests but not necessarily follows them - such as computers/technology
- I know that Science Fiction is not for everyone and I respect that, but please do not think any less of me because of it :)
- Someone who is honest, I cannot emphasize enough how much being honest means to me
- I'm looking for serious, friendly people. I understand that winks can get annoying, so I am considering purchasing an account to enable contact.
- Oh, if u tlk lik dis, it mks me wnt 2 go out n beat u wit a very big pice of wood. I cannot emphasise how much speaking like that annoys me. I appreciate and respect intelligence and education more than anything.

I'll fix this up and update it when I get some more free time

Favourite Movies

I have such a wide and varied list of movies that I can't list them all, however: American History X, Ali, Good Will Hunting, V for Vendetta, London, Lock Stock & 2 Smokin Barrels, Layer Cake, Charlie Wilson's War, Inside Man and The Breakfast Club.

Favourite Music

I have a very eclectic taste in music. These days however, it's mainly instrumental, chill-out, relaxing stuff from movies, classical composers, TV shows, original movie soundtracks etc.

Favourite TV Shows

The Listener, House, Heroes, Dexter, Fringe, Star Trek, X-Files, Doctor Who, Castle, Lie To Me, Torchwood, Law & Order:SVU, The Mentalist.

Favourite Books

I read heaps, but it's mostly Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who novels, however some other favourite authors are: Michael Crichton, Matthew Reilly, John Marsden, Robert Crais.

Favourite Food

Being half Italian, I enjoy Italian cuisine alot! Pizza, pasta, lasagna etc

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