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Female, 35 years old

Sebastopol, VIC, AU, Australia

Fun, flirty, looking for good interesting exciting times and new experiences, willing to give anything a try once. Looking for something adventurous... view profile

Location: Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 30 years old

Gilberton, SA, AU, Australia

Finance student, gym person, film person, legal work. Arthouse films, indie music, traveling, making money, trading stocks looking for something casual... view profile

Location: Gilberton, South Australia, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 25 years old

Tarneit, VIC, AU, Australia

Hey I'm just looking for someone that can host in tarneit for NSA discret fun. I'm 18 and not looking for anything too serious... view profile

Location: Tarneit, Victoria, Australia

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Female, 48 years old

Cairns, QLD, AU, Australia

Ready for fun. Looking only for nsa hook ups. I'm easy going and not interested in drama. Wonder if that's what you're looking for.... view profile

Location: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Categories: Women seeking Men

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Male, 57 years old

Pyrmont, NSW, AU, Australia

Friendly, funny, fit, flexible, flirty and fifty. I think that I am refreshing, full of flavour and leave no bitter after taste, but I also understand that I will not be everyone's cup of tea.... view profile

Location: Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia
Categories: Men seeking Women

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Female, 26 years old

Taree, NSW, AU, Australia

Hey I'm Sera, I'm funny, cute, good to talk to, and don't judge anyone. No question's too far. If you want, message me a question that you want to know?... view profile

Location: Taree, New South Wales, Australia

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Dating Tips to Meet Single Girls Online

It’s tough to compete in the world of online dating. You’re a decent guy, how do you stand out from all the freaks and weirdoes who are also looking to meet single women online? Here are some tips to give an edge over the competition.

It starts with your profile. Nobody expects you to be Nicholas Sparks, but take some time and put serious thought into creating your profile. Make it interesting and fun to read. Don’t feel the need to brag and don’t list all the qualifications you’re looking for in a woman. A woman reading your profile wants to know about you, not what you’re hoping to find.

You’ll want to include a picture. It should be recent, with a clear view of your face. Women are attracted to a natural looking casual pose with extra points given for a sincere smile. Pictures you’re putting in the adult personals can be more explicit, but even with those, sexy beats out vulgar every time.

Don’t try to impress prospective dates, especially if you have to fake it. You WILL be found out eventually, and any hope of being successful in that adult dating community will be gone. Women hate to be betrayed, and if you lie, you can bet not only will they find out, but they’ll tell every single woman they know. My best advice is to always be honest.

Pay attention to the details you read in her profile and comment on them. She’ll know you cared enough to read and remember what she wrote and that can score you big plus points. Do the same thing in any conversations you may have with her; pay attention to the details. Show a sincere interest in her and the things that are important to her. You’ll have to fight off the single girls with a stick if you can manage to show them an unselfish man.

Really, truly, what I’m about to share is the one most important thing you can learn about attracting, and keeping, women. Listen to them. I mean really listen, not just pretend. Too many men are so busy telling all about themselves that they never stop to ask about her. And even if they do, they’re not really listening; they’re thinking about what they’ll tell her next as soon as she stops talking.

If you really want to get a leg up on the competition in the online dating world, here’s a little tactic that will put you light years ahead. Spend some time visiting forums where women gather. You won’t be commenting on anything. You’re just going to read. You can find out more about women in 2 hours spent browsing through several forums than any dating book or advice column is able to give you.

Above all, don’t be afraid to let your warmth, wit and sincerity shine through. From your profile to the initial contact, all the way to an encounter in real life, allow those traits to be obvious and women won’t be able to help themselves from being attracted to you.

Best of luck in your search!

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