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Male, 36 years old

Claremont, WA, AU, Australia

About Me

A drink or two is not uncommon but I'd rather spend the next morning in bed doing something other than nursing a hangover. A few years' living in Canada's lotusland has mellowed me out some and occasionally I just like to throw on Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker and tap my foot. That said, the right company will find that I am inquisitive, adventurous and energetic (yeah, I'm a Gemini.) Also, I'm probably a bit quirky, but playing with rocks in the desert will do that to ya.

As I am relatively new in Perth and am not necessarily looking for anything too serious. The club ain't my bag so hopefully someone can show me a few of this city's night time gems and see where it takes us. Alternatively, I have spent a good portion of my waking life playing sports and am always up for some extra curricular activities.

As for general specs:
6'4" (193cm)
Light brown hair, blue eyes

My Kind of Partner

You're engaging, active, intelligent and not afraid of awkward silences.

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